Odp: Planned Parenthood CD

Gov’t Funding of Planned Parenthood: A Dark History
Federal funding of contraception was fueled by racial population politics

After a spate of graphic video exposés showing Planned Parenthood profits off the sale of aborted children’s body parts, New Hampshire earlier this week canceled a $640,000 contract with the abortion giant — an amount comprising one third of the organization’s public funding in the state; the other two thirds (about $1.3 million) consists of federal money. New Hampshire was one among several states that cut state funding to the organization, while measures in the U.S. House and Senate to defund Planned Parenthood failed.

As of today, the abortion giant continues to receive half a billion dollars in federal taxpayer money each year.

Actual Recording: Richard Nixon Talks Population Control [TRUTHDOC]

Abby Johnson TX Senate Comm Testimony on Planned Parenthood and Sale of Fetal Body Parts




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